AFTLD Participates in the Launch for the coalition for a digital africa
12 January 2023
Ghana DNS Forum
12 January 2023

AFRINIC Members Connect

On 22 – 24 November 2022, AFTLD Participated in AFRINIC member connect, a Virtual Forum where it made a presentation on the State of Country Code Top Level Domain Registries in Africa.What is AFRINIC Members Connect 2022. As part of its Jenga initiative, AFRINIC is organising the “AFRINIC Members Connect” from 22 to 24 November 2022. The Members Connect will bring together people from AFRINIC’s membership to discuss opportunities and ways to improve Internet in AFRINIC’s service region.

Mr Barrack Otieno described the role of AfTLDs in policy discussions for ccTLDs. Various activities, such as the Registry operations program, were highlighted through collaborations with AFRINIC, ICANN and ISOC.

The backing of several African pioneers, including INET, ICANN, and AfNOG, who made sure that AfTLD became a functioning organisation, was used to illustrate the AfTLD’s historical context. By bringing back the management of ccTLDs from outside the African continent, such as dot guinea, Barrack emphasised the necessity to grow local ccTLDs while presenting statistics for the newest ccTLD, South Sudan (.ss). Barrack stressed that multistakeholder participation is key to the success of such training program initiatives, which prioritise the obligations of ccTLDs.