AFTLD Participates in the Ghana Domain Name System Forum
15 November 2023
AFTLD Participates at the Africa Internet Summit 2023
15 November 2023

AFTLD Participates in the Burkina Faso DNS Forum

For the second year ABDI the Burkina Faso Registry Operator organized the Burkina Faso Domain Name System Forum. Africa Top Level Domain Organization is participating in the two day Forum. The Burkina Faso domain name system forum brings together stakeholders in Burkina Faso to deliberate on the developement of the Domain Name Industry in Burkina Faso.

The forum is a local version of the Africa Domain  Name System Forum that seeks to help the domain name industry in Burkina Faso to grow at a competitive rate and ensure that the country is on par with the rest of the world. The Domain Name System (DNS) forum offers participants opportunities to network with other stakeholders and industry experts, discuss business, technical, and policy aspects of the industry,  learn new approaches to establish and expand online presence.

Topics that are addressed at the forum

  • Tracking new developments in the DNS ecosystem in Africa and globally
  • Identification of strategic action points key to growth of the domain name ecosystem in Africa
  • Strengthening stakeholder engagement in the Africa domain name ecosystem
  • Greater awareness of the factors impeding the growth of the Africa domain name ecosystem
  • Localization of domain name system forum initiatives