Ghana DNS Forum
12 January 2023
South Africa Domain Name System Forum 2022
16 January 2023

AFTLD Participates in the LACTLD Commercial and Technical Workshop

The event took place from October 4 to 7 and combined two of the LACTLD Working Groups, the Commercial, and the Technical. It was held in conjunction with the LACNIC 38 – LACNOG 2022 meeting.

More than 80 delegates from the different members and associates, 18 represented ccTLDs, 35 world-class exhibitors contributing with their knowledge without reservation, as well as the LACTLD management group”. For his part, Jan Alvarado (.HN), who also coordinates this WG, complemented by saying that “the integration of challenges, challenges and opportunities under a joint working environment between the technical and commercial groups marks a new path of contribution and growth for our organization and its members. Undoubtedly, the Technical-Commercial Workshop was a complete success and leaves a high level that we must continue to surpass in the next opportunities. Last but not least, the workshop represented an important milestone for LACTLD, as it marked the return to face-to-face attendance in the post-pandemic period”.

AFTLD made a presentation on the Impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic on ccTLDs in Africa