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We will like to make an annual contribution to the operations of AfTLD as follows:


  • Full membership: From Band 0 – 7
  • Associate membership: From band 2-7
Contributions could be paid at AfTLD events or global Internet community events. Payments could also be wired directly to the AfTLD accounts with details indicated elsewhere on this application form.


I, the undersigned, would like to apply for membership of AfTLD on behalf of my organization/ccTLD and would like to confirm that I am duly authorized to make and sign this application form on behalf of the applicant organization/ccTLD. The applicant hereby recognizes the role of AfTLD on the regional and international level and for the duration of its membership in AfTLD agrees to adhere to the constitution, rules, byelaws and procedures of AfTLD.


For your convenience, our banking details are as follows;
  • Account Name: AfriNIC Ltd
  • Account Number: 620 260 0000 1202
  • Bank Name: State Bank of Mauritius
  • Bank Address: 1 Queen Elizabeth Street, P-Louis, Mauritius
  • Swift Code: STCBMUMU
  • IBAN Code: MU28 STCB 1180 0260 0000 1202 0000 00
  • Reference: AfTLD Membership Fee

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